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Automatic induction hand dryer, high speed hand dryer function characteristics:
1, automatic air supply, the outlet when hand distance of 15 cm in induction distance, automatic start air supply
2, health: no hand contact, automatic induction, convenient health, prevent bacteria cross infection
3, smart: this machine is equipped with 1 minute own drying stop function, avoid the waste caused by long time running motor
4, safe: overheating, current dual protection, more secure, and use it safely
5, low noise, fast: machine running stability, high speed, low noise, big wind, dry and comfortable, to save time
6, suitable places: food workshop locker room disinfection, hotel, hotel and other places

Induction of alcohol hand sterilizer
1, induction, avoid hand contact, alcohol mist spray disinfection, avoid cross infection
2, improve the work efficiency, shortening the time of personnel hand disinfection
3, improve the enthusiasm of staff hand disinfection
4, automatic spray, can save a detergent, cost savings
5, with German infrared sensors, interference ability
6, microcomputer control, stable performance
7, driven by electronic switch, no mechanical contact, does not produce sparks
8, with PE material, conform to the requirements of the food and medicine and health care.

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