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Easy Chunfeng shower as Tibet aviation food security escort
Time: 2016/3/2 19:23:19

 Tibet Lhasa airport is one of the highest domestic airport altitude, the altitude of 3800 meters, after Sichuan City Airport sub rice ding. As Tibet aviation food logistics security, aviation food in Tibet in recent years the continuous upgrade hardware level and software level of management, recently Tibet airlines from our procurement, the wind leaching room and industrial air purifiers, the production environment for the ascent of the whole, to reach 1 00000 production environment, thus for the aviation food production and processing provide more safe production environment.
Aviation food production already cannot do without the protection of air purification equipment, China Eastern Airlines Shenzhen airlines have food, food from the pure company purchasing air shower equipment, air purification equipment. Wind leaching room equipment is mainly used for dressing for employees on blowing dust shower, to purge the staff body surface dust and drop hair, to prevent the sources of pollution into the clean production in the region. Air purifier mainly ceiling type air purifier, mainly used for outdoor air after being filtered into the production area, security production area cleanliness reached about 1 00000 grade, thus effectively protect the product freshness and shelf life.
The Tibet aviation is after Eastern Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines and a using our wind drenches the equipment overall central kitchen indoor production environment and the management of the promotion, to net the company will continue to enhance the wind leaching room products quality, constantly upgrade the products of intelligent control, thus for domestic and foreign airlines provide more high price of wind leaching room.

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