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Double Person Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Bench

Technical Parameters

Number of Aerobic Plate≤0.5/m·h
Filtration Efficiency≥0.3um (for the diameter of particle)
≥99.995% (for the dust with sodium flame method )
Average Air Flow Speed≥0.5m/s ±20% (adjustable)
Noise≤62dB (A)
Vibration≤3um (in the directions of X, Y, Z)
Power Supply220V 50Hz
Illumination Lamp20W×2
Ultraviolet Lamp20W×2
Max. Power Consumption800W (Rated Power)
Outside Dimension (W×D×H)1500×750×1620mm
Dimension of Operation Area1340×700×520mm
DimensionMedium Efficiency Air Filter (Two Sets)437×390mm
High Efficiency Air Filter (Two Sets)650×600×120mm

SW-CJ-VS2 double person vertical laminar flow clean bench blows the air flow from top to down vertically. With the outside dimension of 1500×750×1620mm, the YJ-VS-2 product is almost twice longer than the YJ-VS-1 product. It has two sets of high air pressure and low noise centrifugal fans for two people working at the same time. The air filtration of the product is three grades with primary, medium and high efficiency. The novel type punching design is available for the operational table.

Both two sides of the laminar flow hood of the vertical laminar flow clean bench are made of stainless steel and the other sides are the 5mm thick fully tempered glass which has the features of firm structure and high transparency. Furthermore, the working staff can see the conditions in the product clearly, which facilitates achieving more refined operation. Meanwhile, the glass facing the operator can be lifted freely and fixed instantly.

The average air flow speed of the double person vertical laminar flow clean bench is greater than 0.5m/s. The noise is lower than 62dB. Meanwhile, the vibration of the product is less than 3μm. With high purification grade reaching to the American federal standard of 100, the product is the ideal purification equipment. Welcome customers to purchase our product.

Our company is a professional double person vertical laminar flow clean bench manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide double door clean cabinet, single person vertical flow clean bench, single person air shower room and more.

Related Names&Real shot pictures
Clean bench supply high effiency enviroment for research and other high precision demand, it has other name,such as clean work table, cleaning bench, clean work cabinet etc. 




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